Monday, February 9, 2009

time is a wolf

time is a wolf in a cave

a few beats away
from my heart’s twelve
where you will be blamed
because I was not found

your head
on my heart
like a wolf
in its cave

you swore it was the last time
and so did I
we both swore
the last

time I said it’s forever
and you said it was
but we both knew
it was a wolf
in a cave

I want to know
will I move past your body
when you die
or will my own half-cells
die with you

when I was a girl
you told me time was forever
and still wolves found me
in dreams

when your teeth are gone
will they still eat me
or fall from your mouth
when you throw up the bones

will you leave them to me
or will you always need them
as weapons for wolves
and dreams


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